Achieve the All-Star Wedding Dance

Posted on April 30, 2014

Dylan and Caroline looking great after their first lesson!

I had a fantastic two hour lesson with Dylan and Caroline, a really lovely, energetic couple from NJ, who will be dancing to the romantic Dave Matthews song ‘You and Me.’ With great enthusiasm, they learned a basic rumba, adding in dips, turns and a lift. One concern that came up in the lesson was that they didn’t want the dance to look overly choreographed, so I taught them the footwork with proper hold and how to make it more intimate and natural. This is a pretty common concern for brides and grooms. It is absolutely possible to dance with your partner in a specific style, while not looking robotic or over-rehearsed, which paradoxically does take some time to practice. Another topic that generally comes up in lessons is what you are wearing on your big day! (Don’t worry, we keep it discreet and won’t give away your dress to your fiancé!). I made sure to give Caroline and Dylan a lift that worked with her dress. After having such a great time in our lesson, they wanted to meet again to practice some more! In the meantime, I sent them an outline of their steps plus a video so they can practice at home.

What makes the perfect combination for a wedding dance? It is one that emanates radiant energy, demonstrates close connections that are intimate and natural, and showcases movements that spark interest and delight.


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