All About Us!

Posted on June 5, 2017

We know that wedding planning can sometimes get stressful and even seem like the day is not all about you. One way to bring the focus back on what this day is all about is to take dance lessons. It is a fun way to spend quality time together and laugh off that wedding stress while getting comfortable on the dance floor. It truly will be a memory you both will cherish for a lifetime. That’s why you have to make your first dance all about you!

Meet Nicole & Andrew, our awesome couple who did just that…

Their song choice ‘All About Us’ by He is We was perfect. Nicole definitely knew she wanted a choreographed dance and had the commitment to pull off an impressive first dance. We didn’t hold back on choreography with these two, we went all out with lifts, drag turns, skilled dips and complicated ballroom patterns. They did a lot of at home practice in between their eight sessions which definitely paid off. Their family and friends were so impressed! A choreographed first dance sets the mood for the rest of the evening and encourages guests to party on the dance the floor. Congratulations Nicole & Andrew on performing an incredibly impressive first dance!!

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