Country Dancin’ in Hawaii

Posted on March 3, 2015

CSG290814-224105-2There was no hula at this Hawaiian wedding. Instead, we made a very romantic choreographed dance with a pop of country for our couple, Gretchen and Alex. They chose to dance to ‘Wave on Wave’ by Pat Green, because it was the song that held a lot of meaning for them. You might be wondering if we went to Hawaii at all in the process? Well, no, that would have been pretty cool. But it actually led to something even better than a beach trip and opened up new potential for us choreographing dances. This is how we did it: We choreographed their wedding dance, taught it to professional dancers, filmed the whole piece, filmed it with instructional segments, and sent the whole polished video package via the internet! It worked perfectly for Gretchen and Alex who spend really long hours at work and needed to learn it on their own time and in the convenience and privacy of their own home. As Gretchen said about her experience: “We had SO much fun spending time together and laughing as we learned our first dance choreography and now have incredible memories from our first dance as a married couple.” I was extremely impressed with the short time they took to learn it (two weeks!) but especially how they looked so natural and really owned the dance floor, country line dancin’ and all. Plus, the photos turned out pretty amazing, showing that they had an all-around gorgeous wedding. Since our debut making custom choreographed wedding dance films in July 2014, we have already made two more, which means that our dance films are really catching on!


Photo Credit: Umlaut Photography

Photo Credit: Umlaut Photography



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