Deciding How to Move Together When Choosing a Unique Song

Posted on April 17, 2014


Melissa and Michael

Cheers to Melissa and Michael! These newlyweds danced to ‘I Found You’ by Alabama Shakes

So you’ve picked a unique song for your first dance together. Great! I love that the music selection can shed light on the couple’s personality. But now what do you do, when it’s not apparent how you should move together because there’s varying rhythms, tempo changes, lack of a driving beat, or something that doesn’t scream ‘do the foxtrot!’ I believe that resorting to the monotonous, evenly paced, back and forth of the ‘sway,’ does not do justice for your unique song choice. Unique music deserves unique movement.

There’s a misconception that you should always dance to the beat of the music, hence the sway. Yes, you need to have accurate timing, but what makes for a visually interesting pairing is counter rhythm, and that the fact that you can dance a certain rhythm while the music projects another one.

That’s why I decided to teach a cha cha to Melissa and Michael, a wonderful New York couple who were looking to have just a quick lesson to figure out how to move to their cool Indie rock song ‘I Found You’ by Alabama Shakes. The fast 1,2,3 of the cha cha gave some energy to the soulful vocals and drony guitar. This song has some strong musical breaks, so I gave them some turns, low lifts, and dips to implement during these sound cues.

I love what we do because we are not just teaching you a foxtrot or  a waltz. We’re really listening to your music and searching for the best combination of movement to give you, thinking about your expression and interactions, so that you can look amazing while dancing together, drawing out the joy and love that exudes on your wedding day. This is our approach even for one or two lessons, and we can obviously go further with more sessions. I honestly don’t think you can get the same type of attention from going to a ballroom dance studio where they will most likely just teach you the steps without applying it to the song. The difference is that we are artists and choreographers with a perceptive eye who possess the expertise to develop your individuality and make you look absolutely brilliant on your wedding day.


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