Moore Choreography’s Wedding Dance Tips

Plan. Begin your dance three to six months in advance. Performing a choreographed wedding dance is a new skill, so take more time for this process so that you can build your confidence. Beginning early ensures that you will have time to feel comfortable with your steps and be worry free for your big day. If you only have three months or less, we can work out a dance that will put you at ease and make you look great! Contact Us

Song. Before anything else, you need to choose your song. Pick music that makes you feel great and expresses the feelings you want to convey. Double check the lyrics to make sure they give the right, wedding-appropriate message. You can be as creative as you like with your song choice, but remember that a song with a clear, steady beat will make dancing together much easier.

Length. A wedding dance should be approximately two to three minutes in length. Guests will lose their attention if it is longer. Plus, you will know your steps better and look more confident. An outstanding short dance is much better than an average long dance.

Timing. There’s no right or wrong point in the reception to schedule your first dance. Maybe you want to save the best dance for last? It’s a good idea to think carefully about when the choreographed dance best fits into your wedding, rather than adding it as an afterthought. Make sure that there is an announcement just before the dance so that guests won’t miss it.

Practice. Start practicing in the shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day. Wear your underskirt if you have one, because it will feel different to move in for both the bride and the groom. Getting used to moving in your wedding attire will make you more confident.

DJ/Band. The DJ or Band will need to know how you will enter and exit your dance so they can cue the music accordingly. It is useful to show video of your dance to the DJ or Band because they will see how you begin and end your dance. You also want to make sure that your song is coordinated properly in advance of the wedding day to make sure your music has the right timing and edits. We can help with that!

Document. Don’t forget to let your photographer and videographer know you had your dance choreographed so that they can catch all the important moments in your dance. They might be used to couples swaying in one place on the dance floor. We will choreograph lifts, turns, and dips that will look great in photographs.

Final Thoughts. Your guests will be impressed by the extra effort you make. Don’t overthink it. Bring love and joy into your dance and remember to enjoy the ride!

Moore Choreography’s Wedding Song Ideas

Take some time and put thought into your song selection. Music is powerful because it expresses your feelings and sets the mood. Here are some of our favorites to help with your song choice.