Pop Song Fun

Posted on October 2, 2014



Photography by Joe Sanfilippo.


One of the first things that happened when I met Lauren and Jason, a warm and lighthearted couple from Long Island, NY, is that Jason went up into a perfect heel click jump. I realized from the first session that their dance needed to include the heel click and reflect their fun personalities.  They chose the song Gone, Gone, Gone, by Phillip Phillips which is a great, upbeat pop song with romantic lyrics. We kept the dance simple yet exciting by using the structure of music, so that every time the song repeated the chorus we used similar dance moves. This also made it easier to remember what came next in the dance, and it also helped to create a choreographic through-line or style. A win-win!



Photography by Joe Sanfilippo.


Photography by Joe Sanfilippo.

When Lauren contacted us for help with their wedding dance, she admitted that they loved to dance, but really did not know what to do together when all eyes were on them.  Swaying was not going to work for them, and besides, it is your wedding day and you deserve to do something special. They had a natural groove and picked up the steps with ease. I’m glad to hear that their wedding dance went very well and they received rave reviews from friends and family. Pictures of the dance show smiles all the way, which is really the most important thing. Congratulations!

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