Surprise! We’re Swing Super Stars

Posted on March 20, 2015


Laura + Byron 2014

Photography Credit: Francesco Mastalia

Laura + Byron 2014No one wants surprises at their wedding, right? Countless hours and days of thoughtful planning go into your big day so that everything is just like you imagined. Maybe one exception is the funny song or dance that a family member or friend creatively puts together. The other exception is when YOU throw the surprise. In fact, surprise dances like flash mobs and surprise bride and groom dances are a fast-growing trend. I might be Captain Obvious here, but dances are most surprising when they happen at a time when they don’t usually happen. Like during the ceremony or the middle of the reception. How amazing it is to see choreography and impressive dancing when you least expected it!

We have a lot of couples that keep their dance a secret from everyone. Even father daughter and wedding party dances too. One of our lovely couples featured here, Laura and Byron, did just that, and rocked out a swing dance to ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love.’ Both were beginner dancers but by the end they showed everyone how skilled they were and now have some pretty sweet photographs of them in action. Swing dance is a great choice for upbeat, put-a-smile-on-your-face dances, and works well with a lot of pop music. So get out there and swing away!

Laura + Byron 2014Laura + Byron 2014

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