Wedding Dance Intensive

Posted on October 22, 2015

Running out of time? Our ‘Wedding Dance Intensive Package’ is perfect for the busy couple with limited time looking to get a quick lesson in before their big day. This two hour private lesson is geared towards our couple’s song selection and style. They get to learn basic dance patterns, plus many interesting moves such as turns, dips, and lifts. We put all of it into a pattern for you to practice on your own. Here’s what some of our couples had to say:

“Thank you SO much!!! I absolutely cannot believe we accomplished all of this. SO excited!!!!” Erin + Ronaldo

“We had such a wonderful wedding! Everything was perfect. Thank you so much for all your help! You are such a wonderful teacher, and I know we are going to break out our routine in the future.” Dani + Will

“It went SO well! Thanks so much again for helping us!” Janet + Rob
          Erin + Ronaldo                                           Dani + Will 2015
            Photography Credit: Riverland Studios                                                                                                          Photography Credit: Lauren Miller Photography


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